Attention, all Scoutmasters!

2013-12-08 10.07.26

Boosway Kurt “Hawkeye” Pierce, Segundo Fred “Counselor” Livaudais, and the members of the Woodsmoke Brigade are looking forward to another great Rendezvous!  This is a reminder that all units must bring the following items to the Registration tent upon arrival at Woodsmoke.

  1. Your final registration list with the names of all youth and adults attending Woodsmoke Rendezvous with your Troop or Venturing Crew.  This list must also contain the cell number for the Scoutmaster (or the adult in charge of the unit for the weekend).  See the Scribe if you have more folks attending than you preregistered for the event.  Registrations submitted after November 15 are $25 per person.  Click here for the final registration form.
  2. Two (2) Rendezvous-appropriate Troop gifts.  These gifts will go on the prize blanket for selection when the winners of the Campsite and Clothing competitions are announced on Sunday morning after the worship service.  You should strive to make your troop gifts be something that your boys would want to take home for next year!
  3. A valid signed BSA Tour Permit for your unit.  Failure to provide a tour permit will result in your unit being turned away from Woodsmoke.  You can access an electronic version here.
  4. Adults leaving vehicles in the parking lot should leave a parking pass on their dash.  The form is available here.

A big thank you to all who showed up for Rendezvous Workday on Saturday, November 5!  Your efforts are much appreciated!


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