Workday thanks, and Canvas available for purchase!


Relocating Flagpoles

Thanks to everyone who showed up for Woodsmoke Workday this past Saturday! A special thank you goes out to the Scouts and adults of Troop 150 from Enterprise, who came and prepared the ground for their event, then worked hard putting in a new fence and digging the holes for our relocated flagpoles. Thanks, guys!

I also wanted to make you aware of a great opportunity to purchase some Rendezvous-appropriate canvas tents. Yesterday I received the email below from Jerome “Bigfoot” Mallory regarding some used tents available at great prices if you or your Troop are interested. Jerome’s email follows below this paragraph. Please contact John Roberts at the number or email provided in Jerome’s email below if you are interested.

If you could send this out to the troops I would appreciate it very much. Their contact person will be:

John Roberts
12346 Mac Curry Road
Andalusia, Al 36420

12’ Tipi with Ozon from Panther Primitives – $1,015 cost $804; sell for $400

1 Wall Tent 8’ x 10’ with 2.5’ side walls from Panther Primitives -List price $426, cost new $340, sell for $200 each or best offer

1 canvas floor 10’ x 11’ (Panther Primitive) – sell for $50 or best offer

1 Wedge Tent 8.5’ long x 7’ wide Heavy canvas treated; sell for $150 or best offer

3 each Baker 9’ x 9’ 24” back wall (Panther Primitive) – List price $476, cost $380; sell for $175 each or best offer

All of this canvas has been stored inside in cool dry place. They were spread out and measured and inspected. They all look good, no mildew.

There is an assortment of ridge poles and upright poles for a buyer of canvas to pick and choose from. They have been stored outside under a tarp. There is free flooring.

Jerome Mallory

Chip Quisenberry, Scribe

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