Informational meeting set for 9:30 am on November 7 (at Workday)

Dear Scoutmaster,

The Woodsmoke Brigade wants you to know that WE ARE STILL PLANNING TO HAVE RENDEZVOUS on the first weekend in December!  For this reason, this year’s Rendezvous Workday on Saturday, November 7 is more important than ever.  Because of the change in location, changes in Saturday events, and COVID-19 restrictions, we think it is important to conduct a Scoutmaster meeting at Workday with representation from all the troops planning to be in attendance.

At Workday, Troops will have an opportunity to:  

  • select their campsite and build their Troop gateway, 
  • practice several of the Woodsmoke competitive events,
  • split firewood for their campsites (wood and hydraulic splitters made available), and 
  • get a “lay of the land”.

Troops will also receive information on the following:

  • All Saturday morning competition and how the events will be conducted,
  • Water availability,
  • Brigade location and visits to the Brigade area,
  • Plans for COVID-19 issues, including tenting, masks, and hand sanitizing, 
  • Awards, and 
  • Plans for the Saturday evening meal.

We ask that you be present at this important meeting at 9:30 am on November 7 at the new location. If it is not possible for you to be there, please arrange for adult representation to be there for this important informational meeting.

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