Tentative schedule for Woodsmoke XLI

Friday, December 3, 2021:  Troops should check in with the Scribe at Registration no later than 7:30 pm.

6:00 pm            Supper

8:30 pm            Scoutmaster/Senior Patrol Leader meeting at Brigade

10:00 pm          Quiet time, gate will be locked

Saturday, December 4, 2021:

7:00 am            Breakfast

8:30 am           Flag raising/Opening/Explanation of Events

9:00 am           Morning Events begin

11:30 am         Morning events conclude

11:50 am         Lunch

12:45 pm         Adult Leader Competition (this new event will last until 2:00 pm)

1:30 pm           Guest visitations begin

2:30 pm           Trade Blanket

4:30 pm           Supper – Brigade in Brigade area, Troops in their campsites

6:45 pm           Troops assemble quietly for campfire

7:00 pm           Campfire

10:00 pm         Quiet time, gate will be locked

Sunday, December 5, 2021:

7:30 am           Breakfast

8:30 am           Flag raising

8:45 am           Worship Service

9:15 am           Award Presentations

10:00 am         Break camp

One thought on “Tentative schedule for Woodsmoke XLI

  1. Sorry about today. Went out to the vehicle and I had left the front door open and the inside light had killed the battery…..dead as a hammer. By the time I found someone to jump me off it was 11. I know I’m not much help but I hate I missed it.  I’ll mail you a check for me & Joshua. Still $25 each?

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