If you like Woodsmoke, you’ll love The Woodland Escape…

Dear Friends of Woodsmoke:

I recently came across an entertaining YouTube channel called The Woodland Escape. Click here to go the video page. The description of the channel says “The Woodland Escape is a channel that portrays living a self-sufficient lifestyle close to the land. It’s primary focus is on 17th century history and the skills of the North American pioneers of that era.”

I have learned a lot about the history and way of life of that time watching Peter and his wife Cathy as they go about building a log cabin and other period-correct outbuildings, growing and storing their own food, hunting, tanning hides, making moccasins, even building and using a birch-bark canoe just as the native Americans did. They do all of this while wearing period-correct clothing and using period-correct tools and methods. Nearly all of the rendezvous skills used at Woodsmoke are on full display on this channel. Check it out; you will be sure to learn something!

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