The Trade Blanket

The first Mountain Men were traders; they went into the West to trade with the Indians for beaver pelts. When they came to a village, they would lay out their trade goods on a blanket spread on the ground and begin bargaining for furs. The trade goods at that time were knives, tomahawks, axes, blankets, brass kettles, beads and cloth.

 Later at the Rendezvous, the trappers kept up this tradition, trading with Indians for clothing and moccasins. They also swapped their surplus gear with other trappers. Items to be traded were spread out on a wool blanket.

As in the past, we hope that the trade blankets will again be spread out at Woodsmoke Rendezvous. Some items Scouts might trade are patches, furs, surplus Scout gear, out‑grown uniforms, home‑made items, beadwork, etc. Bring your blankets, set up shop and trade in the Mountain Man spirit.

Registered Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts are invited to participate in the Woodsmoke Trade Blanket.

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