Woodsmoke Rendezvous is an opportunity for Scouts and their adult leaders to learn about history, not by just studying it, but by living it!  Scouts camp in much the same conditions that mountain men of the American West experienced between the years of 1825 and 1840. Everyone participating in Woodsmoke Rendezvous should gain a new appreciation for what these men did to open the Western frontier.

Youth and adults will have the opportunity to learn first-hand how to make fire using a flint and steel, use a crosscut saw, throw a tomahawk or knife, and try their hand at several other mountain man and Scout skills. Everyone will have the opportunity to learn by actively participating, or by just observing. Cooking in dutch ovens over an open fire, sleeping in canvas tents, and using other primitive camp gear will help everyone to gain more insight into the skills and conditions that the mountain men endured during the first half of the nineteenth century.

Woodsmoke is also a friendly competition among the various troops in attendance.  Each troop’s campsite and clothing will be evaluated for authenticity at Woodsmoke, so we encourage you to spend time visiting with other participants and observing their camps and clothing. You will learn how to be a better buckskinner, and hopefully will win an item or two of Rendezvous gear for your camp. Step back into the Rendezvous era and enjoy being a part of history. The opportunity to exchange goods at the Trade Blanket will also help you will make some great friends and develop some valuable skills.

Your new friends will help you in so many ways while asking so little in return. Giving Scouts the chance to learn while having loads of fun is our goal in putting on this event. Family and friends are the riches that count, and we are rich with friendships and memories. The members of the Woodsmoke Brigade dedicate Woodsmoke Rendezvous to the Scouts and their leaders.

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