There are two major competitions that take place at Woodsmoke Rendezvous each year.  Each troop in attendance is responsible for bringing two prizes to the Scribe upon arrival at Woodsmoke, and these prizes are distributed to the winners of the “Best Campsite” and “Best Clothing” competitions.

During the weekend, selected members of the Woodsmoke Brigade will evaluate the campsites and clothing of all the units at Woodsmoke in terms of how true they are in spirit to the Rendezvous period in American history.  The rankings from the Brigade judges are used to award first choice of prizes on the prize blanket after the Sunday morning flag raising and worship service.  The information provided below is intended to help units understand the “game” so they can know how to compete.


Much of the fun at Woodsmoke comes from leaving the 21st century behind and seeing what you can do without the support of modern technology. 


To score well, remember these things in your campsite!

Things to Bring to Woodsmoke Things to Leave at Home!
Candle lanterns (but keep them out of tents!) Flashlights/gas or propane lanterns
Wood and charcoal cooking fires Gas or propane stoves
Axes/Crosscut saws Chain Saws
Lean‑to shelters, tipis, baker tents Nylon tents
Handmade gadgets & tables Modern equipment
Dutch ovens and other cast iron cookery Aluminum pots & pans
Musical instruments Radios, cell phones, electronic devices
Bed rolls or sleeping bags (covered during the day) Uncovered sleeping bags

Note: We want everyone to sleep warm. Bring plenty of blankets or cover your sleeping bag with a wool blanket during the day.


Clothing at Woodsmoke doesn’t need to be fancy ‑ frontier and Indian clothing looked good worn any way, and nobody worried about whether or not the participants got dirty.

To make things easier, see the list below of pluses and minuses in Rendezvous clothing. Judging goes right up to the time prizes are awarded, so period clothing must be worn the entire weekend, including Sunday. morning formation

 Clothes to Wear at Woodsmoke Clothes to Leave at Home!
Leather boots, belts, or moccasins Tennis shoes
Wool socks Short pants, blue jeans
Wool or corduroy pants Athletic hats or uniforms
Long pants Plastic belts
Suspenders Tee shirts, athletic team shirts
Long coat over other clothing

Long sleeve shirts (cotton, flannel, wool – no synthetics)

Windbreakers (zippered jackets worn on outside)


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