Map to Woodsmoke

Click this link for a map of the route from Andalusia. 

To get to the Old Paul Place, home of Woodsmoke Rendezvous:

  • From the entrance to Lurleen B. Wallace State Community College in Andalusia, take US 84 West  to River Falls, AL (3.5 miles), crossing the Conecuh River. Turn left on Covington County Road 59 (Plywood Mill Road) at the caution light.
  • Go 3.5 miles and turn right on Feagin Road.
  • For Troops camping at Woodsmoke: Go 0.7 mile to the sign for Woodsmoke and turn left. Follow the road through the planted pines into the large field where the troops camp. You can then drop off gear and Scouts at your campsite. Once everything is unloaded, please take the lower road (in the corner of the field) down to the parking lot. Do not return down the same road you came in on, as that will cause a traffic jam. Barring emergencies, all vehicles are to remain in the parking lot until after Woodsmoke is concluded and campsites are broken down.
  • For Saturday Visitors: From the turn onto Feagin Road, go 0.3 mile and turn left onto the woods road leading to the parking lot. You can then walk up the hill into the large field where the troops will be camping.
  •  Every vehicle in the Woodsmoke parking lot must have a vehicle parking pass completed and left in plain view on the dash in the event the Brigade needs to contact the owner/driver. Please click on the link above, print one out and complete it, and place it on your dash.
  • Have a wonderful time visiting 1825!

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