Directions to Woodsmoke Rendezvous

Woodsmoke Rendezvous has moved to McDaniel Farms, just northeast of Enterprise, Alabama!  Click this link to navigate to the entry gate into McDaniel Farms and the new home of Woodsmoke Rendezvous. 

Regarding Woodsmoke Rendezvous at McDaniel Farms:

  • For Troops camping at Woodsmoke: From the entry gate, please proceed to the Registration tent and submit your final list of Woodsmoke attendees to the Scribe. You can then proceed to your campsite, making sure to keep all vehicles out of the interior of the camp.  As soon as all gear and people have been unloaded, please move all vehicles to the designated parking area for the duration of the weekend. Barring emergencies, all vehicles are to remain in the designated parking area until after Woodsmoke is concluded and campsites are broken down.
  • For Saturday Visitors: From the entry gate, please follow the signs directing you to the designated parking area. It is just a short walk from the parking area to the area where the Troops are camped. Please DO NOT attempt to drive your vehicles into the field where the Troops are camped. You are welcome to walk around and visit the various Troop campsites and the Brigade area as you wish, remembering to ask permission to enter campsites.
  •  Every Troop vehicle in the Woodsmoke parking lot should have a vehicle parking pass completed and left in plain view on the dash in the event the Brigade needs to contact the owner/driver. Please click on the link above to print one out. Please complete it and place  copy on your dash. There are multiple parking forms on each page; each vehicle only needs one. Make as many copies as you need to cover all your Troop vehicles.

The Woodsmoke Brigade welcomes you, and we hope you have a wonderful time visiting 1825 and the fur trade era!

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