Attention, all Scoutmasters!

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Boosway Fred “Counselor” Livaudais and the members of the Woodsmoke Brigade are looking forward to a great 39th Woodsmoke Rendezvous!  This post is a reminder that all unit leaders must bring the following items to the Registration tent upon arrival at Woodsmoke.

  1. Your final registration list with the names of all youth and adults attending Woodsmoke Rendezvous with your Troop or Venturing Crew.  This list must also contain the cell number for the Scoutmaster (or the adult in charge of the unit for the weekend).  See the Scribe if you have more folks attending than you preregistered for the event.  Registrations submitted by November 15th are $20 per person; after November 15 the fee is $25 per person.  Click here for the final registration form.
  2. Two (2) Rendezvous-appropriate Troop gifts.  These gifts will go on the prize blanket for selection when the winners of the Campsite and Clothing competitions are announced on Sunday morning after the worship service.  You should strive to make your troop gifts be something that your boys would want to take home for next year!
  3. Adults leaving vehicles in the parking lot should leave a parking pass on their dash.  The form is available here.

Rendezvous Workday is scheduled for Saturday, November 2, 2019 at 8:00 am at Woodsmoke for all who can come!  The Brigade would welcome your help to prepare the site for Woodsmoke. Please consider coming out to help us get ready!

5 thoughts on “Attention, all Scoutmasters!

  1. Hello I’m with troop 24 in Columbus Ga. As a young scout on Ft Rucker decades ago I went to wood smoke rendezvous and enjoyed it immensely. Now as a assistant scout master within distance I would like to bring my scouts here. Trying to get my troop signed up for this coming season! Please send me info as soon as possible!


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    1. Hi, Jason! Woodsmoke is usually the first weekend in December, and planning for this year’s event is just beginning now. We would love to have you and your Troop attend this year! Keep an eye on the web page for updates. I will also be posting the preregistration forms soon. Feel free to share the site with your Scouts, as the pages in the header contain valuable information about Woodsmoke and what the event is all about.

      We are always looking to grow the number of units in attendance, and there is plenty of room to camp. All units are expected to camp with period-correct tents, gear, and outfits. There are units in our Council who may be able to help with canvas tents if you need it.

      Keep me posted, and I’ll look forward to talking with you in a month or so.


    2. Jason:

      I hope you have seen the last two entries on the website; they provide updated information about this year’s Rendezvous and the workday on November 3 at 8am. The updated preregistration forms are also available on the Forms page.

      We hope you will be able to bring your troop this year! Let me know if you need more information.


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