Thanks to all who attended Woodsmoke XXXIX!

Start of the Trade Blanket – Badleg, Trapper, and Crooked Stick
The Woodsmoke Brigade extends thanks to all Scouts and Scouters who attended Woodsmoke Rendezvous XXXIX! Including the members of the Woodsmoke Brigade, approximately 150 youth and adults participated this past weekend.

The Brigade hopes that you enjoyed the activities, competitions, and fellowship. Old friendships were renewed, and new friendships were begun around the many campfires. As always, the Trade Blanket was a big hit, and we hope you will return home inspired to create items to trade next year!

Planning has already begun for the 40th Woodsmoke Rendezvous! Please let us know if you have ideas for events or competitions you’d like to see next year.

Best wishes to everyone for a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!


The Woodsmoke Scribe

Dad and Son
Father and son – teaching a new generation about the old ways!

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