Safety and Health at Woodsmoke

  1. Troops must camp in in their assigned areas. Scoutmasters, please do not allow your troop to erect anything outside your designated camping area.
  2. After unloading on Friday evening, all vehicles must be moved to the parking area and remain there until cleared by the Brigade after the award ceremony on Sunday morning. All traffic will be ONE-WAY ONLY!  THIS MEANS EVERYONE, FOR THE ENTIRE WEEKEND!
  3. All dish washing and cleanup must be done in your campsite, NOT at the water supply area.  Please keep the water supply area clean and healthy for everyone.
  4. Keep a clean camp. Sanitation and cleanliness are important. Failure to do so will hurt your campsite score!
  5. Keep modern conveniences, (such as cellphones, ice chests, plastic water jugs, etc.) out of sight.  Failure to do so will hurt your campsite score!
  6. Unless you have been asked to serve on the firing line, leave all firearms at home.  Also, Scouts are not permitted to have fixed-blade or sheath knives at Rendezvous.
  7. Remind your Scouts to keep all flames (candles, lanterns, etc.) out of tents.
  8. The mountain men had great respect for other people’s property.  Remind your Scouts that this code still prevails. Two big things for them to remember are: Do not touch another person’s property without permission, and do not enter another campsite without an invitation from someone in that campsite.
  9. The Scout Law is the Rule and Guide for Woodsmoke Rendezvous.



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