Woodsmoke XL medallions and final preparations

Dear Scoutmasters:

Woodsmoke XL medallions

This year we will have two medallions! The larger medallion, which all attendees will receive, shows a porcupine, or “quill-pig”. These prickly animals have a healthy appetite for wood, and have been known to gnaw axe handles, canoe paddles, and other wooden camp tools to get at the salt left on them by hard-working mountain men.

The smaller medallion will be awarded only to those Scouts who team up to satisfactorily complete all twelve Woodsmoke challenge tasks, thereby becoming a “Woodsmoke Taskmaster”.

As you make your final preparations for Woodsmoke, please remember to prepare your final list of attendees for the Scribe. A form for that purpose is available on the “Forms” page. Also, each vehicle remaining on the property must have a completed parking pass left on the dash in the event the Brigade needs to contact the driver. This form is also available on the “Forms” page.

Finally, each Troop is responsible for providing two Troop prizes for the Awards ceremony on Sunday morning. These gifts and your list of registered youth and adults should be turned in to the Scribe on Friday evening upon check-in.

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