Are you ready for Woodsmoke?

As you make final preparations for Woodsmoke Rendezvous XLI, here are a few things to remember.

  1. Please have your final list of Scouts and adults ready to submit to the Scribe at the Registration tent when your unit leader shows up on Friday, including payment for anyone not already paid for. We are very tight on medallions this year. As registrations stand right now, all participants will receive a medallion, but we may not have enough to provide medallions to unforseen participants.
  2. Please plan to turn in your two Troop gifts at the Registration tent upon arrival.
  3. Anyone who wants to purchase medallions from previous Rendezvous’ should see the Scribe at the Registration tent. Cost is $5 per medallion, and supplies are limited. You can see the previous post entitled “Medallions Availiable” to see which ones are available to purchase.
  4. Scouts should remember to bring their items to trade at the Trade Blanket!

The Brigade is excited to welcome all the Scouts and leaders to Woodsmoke at McDaniel Farms! We are looking forward to all the new memories waiting to be made, and for all the old friendships we will renew around the fire!

Medallions from previous Woodsmoke Rendezvous are available at $5 each.

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