Woodsmoke XLI Preparations!

Preparations are ongoing for Woodsmoke XLI! Here are a few of the things you need to know to prepare for this year’s event.

  • Rendezvous Work Day is scheduled for 9:00 am on Saturday, November 6, 2021 at McDaniel Farms northeast of Enterprise (same location as last year). Directions to the site are available by clicking on the “Directions to Woodsmoke Rendezvous” in the website menu. There will be an important Scoutmaster meeting at Work Day, so please make sure that your unit is represented!
  • It is also important for all Troops attending Woodsmoke this year to be represented at Work Day because our camping locations are changing slightly. We are still camping at the McDaniel Farms location, but in a slightly different spot from last year. We should be on higher ground, helping us avoid problems with camping in wet places if we have a wet fall season. Since we are shifting locations, everyone will again have an opportunity to select their unit campsite at Work Day. We do not anticipate moving again, so your choice of camping spot this year should be yours in the the future as well.
  • The McDaniels have authorized the Woodsmoke Brigade to construct a new cookshed, which is going up now in the new Brigade area. Special thanks to Kurt Pierce and all who have contributed time and work to this effort!
  • The format for the Saturday events will be similar to last year, but we are currently planning to reintroduce the opportunity to shoot a blackpowder rifle to the mix of events! Many of you expressed how much you missed that event last year, so we are planning to bring that back if we can construct the range in time.
  • The Preregistration form has been updated and is due back to the Scribe with your preliminary payment by November 15th, as usual. The form is available on the “Forms” page on the Woodsmoke Rendezvous website (woodsmokerendezvous.com).

The Woodsmoke Brigade is looking forward to another great camp! We hope to see everyone soon!

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